Episode 27: Coffee Kick-off

Constipation. Irritability. Cramping. Vomiting. Anxiety. Insomnia. By the time you listen to this episode we may be experiencing one or all of the above. That’s because this week Drew and Danny start to Human Guinea Pig, giving up coffee for a month. We’ll provide updates over the next few episodes.

This episode continues with a review of a movie that will also keep you up at night, Kingdom of the Spiders, starring that one guy from those cheap travel ticket commercials and that old science-fiction tv show.

HGP Challenge: Giving up coffee for a month

1-Star Movie Review: Kingdom of the Spiders (starring William Shatner)

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One thought on “Episode 27: Coffee Kick-off

  1. Have not listened to episode 27 yet looking forward to your results after giving up coffe for a month.
    Wish my hubby would give up coffee, he drinks it so strong & he has insomnia
    Love Mumxx


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