Episode 40: 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Before moving upwards and onward to 2018 Drew and Danny take a look back at a year of Human Guinea Pig Challenges and 1-Star Movie Reviews. Join us as we remember the highlights (and lowlights) of a full year of the Human Guinea Pig Podcast. Thank you all for your continued support!

Episode 24: Swinging Beef, part 1

Happy Birthday to us! It’s our one-year anniversary and this week we go balls out to bring you an ancient Roman experience that today is practiced from the prairies of Western Canada to the Wild West of the U.S.  In the ultimate test of the saying that everything tastes better fried, Danny Human Guinea Pig’d Rocky Mountain Oysters and shared his mouth watering experience with Drew and Chico. Yes, Chico is back!

Be sure to come back for the second half of this extravaganza because in part 2 we bring you our 1-Star Movie Review, World Famous Props, Corrections, Additions, and Ommisions, and our POW.

HGP Challenge: Rocky Mountain Oysters

1-Star Movie Review: Blood Diner

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