Episode 43: Greek Tragedy

This week we bring you an episode with a Grecian flair. Drew and #1 Fan Harrison Human Guinea Pig’d Blue Zeus, male vitality pills they found in a London pub bathroom, and told Danny about their experience. Drew, Danny, and #1 Fan Harrison then reviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first ever film, Hercules in New York. At this point you’re probably realizing why the title of this episode makes sense but also why we had so much fun on the episode.

HGP Challenge: Blue Zeus, male vitality pills sold in the bathroom of at least one London pub.

1-Star Movie Review: Hercules in New York, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first film.

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Episode 38: Century Ride

Round and round like a wheel on the open road, the podcast continues, spinning comedy gold. This week Drew tells Danny about the time he Human Guinea Pig’d a 100 mile bicycle ride. We then reviewed a movie about a different kind of long distance ride, Death Race 2000.

HGP Challenge: a 100 mile bicycle ride (aka a Century Ride)

1-Star Movie Review: Death Race 2000 (from 1975)

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Episode 36: Jaws

Ok, hear us out on this one. So, there is a ball, that you put in your mouth every other day, that can supposedly sculpt you jawline and neck. We know. We know how it sounds but it’s a real product. This week Drew, Danny, and special guest, Matt the Brit, kick-off 30 days of HGP’ing the Jawzrsize Facial Toner. We then review Sharknado, you know, ‘cuz Jaws…and sharks…you get it.

HGP Challenge: Kicking-off 30 days of using the Jawzrsize Facial Toner

1-Star Movie Review: Sharknado

Thanks for listening. We hope you liked the bonus accent impressions that Matt brought to the podcast. That posh British accent impression was cool, oh, and that even poshier British accent impression was dope too. My favorite was that killer Australian accent he did. It’s like we had Russell Crowe on the podcast (I know…that’s the joke).*


*Yes, we know Russell Crowe is from New Zealand. Seriously, it’s not fun when we have to explain these things.

Episode 35: Redheaded Glut

It’s common knowledge that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, and that all redheads are inherently evil. So what happens when you combine the two? You get this week’s episode. This week Drew, Danny, and special guests Kelly and Jerry, Human Guinea Pig’d eating the entire value menu at Wendy’s. We then reviewed the worst animated movie of all-time, Food Fight!

HGP Challenge: eating the entire value menu at Wendy’s.

1-Star Movie Review: Food Fight!

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Episode 34: Kickboxing

A wild-eyed man once told us there are three ways you win at podcasting, you make them quit, you knock them out, or you…wait, no, that’s how you win the Kumite in Bloodsport, my bad.

This week Danny Human Guinea Pig’d kickboxing then told Drew all about his glorious debut. The guys also talked about Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bolo Yeung, and Frank Dux during their 1-Star Movie of Bloodsport.

HGP Challenge: Kickboxing

1-Star Movie Review: Bloodsport

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Episode 28.5: Pins and Needles, part 2

In the second half of this episode Drew, Danny, and Special Guest Elle bring you our 1-Star Movie Review of Golden Needles, a 70’s Hong Kong heist flick with flamethrowers, cobras, and adorable dogs on boats. We also go over the latests installments of Tips from Me Mum; our World Famous Props, Corrections, Additions, and Omissions; and our Picks of the Week.

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Episode 28: Pins and Needles

This week we go deep — at least three inches — to bring you a prickly new episode of the podcast. Drew and Danny Human Guinea Pig’d acupuncture and Special Guest Elle, our subject matter expert, helped us understand what we experienced. In part two of the episode we review a mobster heist movie about a magical acupuncture statuette. Come and get your Qi right by listening to this episode.

Human Guinea Pig Challenge: Acupuncture

1-Star Movie Review: The Golden Needles

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Episode 26: Catfish

On this week’s episode what we see is not exactly what we get. Drew dove face first into the fountain of youth when he Human Guinea Pig’d Just for Men, facial hair dye. He recounts his experience with Danny and a returning special guest. In the second half of the episode the guys review a farcical comedy about two brothers trying to be someone they aren’t.

HGP Challenge: Just for Men, facial hair dye

1-Star Movie Review: White Chicks

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Episode 25.5: Indianapolis, part 2

Nicholas Cage won an Oscar for Best Actor, Tom Sizemore has been in hits like Saving Private Ryan, Mario Van Peebles directed New Jack City, yet somehow they all came together to make this episode’s 1-Star Movie Review. Join us as we continue Episode 25 by reviewing U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage then bring you Tips from Me Mum, our World Famous Props, Corrections, Additions, and Omissions, and our POWs (picks of the week).

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Episode 25: Indianapolis, part 1

This week we venture into a mysterious land that attracts fast cars, alien trees, and the country’s finest saxophonists. On this episode Drew Human Guinea Pig’d a weekend in Indianapolis and came back with tales that he shared with Danny, Chico, and special guest Chad, a native Hoosier. In the second half we review a movie about a different Indianapolis starring big-name actors, made by a well-known director, about a World War II tragedy, that somehow ends up being less interesting than the city.

HGP Challenge: a weekend in Indianapolis

1-Star Movie Review: U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage

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