Episode 19: Shave

This week we bring you a hot, smooth, potentially dangerous, yet bump-free episode. Drew Human Guinea Pig’d a hot shave and lived to tell Danny all about it. The guys then discussed a short film by Martin Scorsese about a gruesome shave with perhaps an alternate meaning.

Disclaimer: hot shaves have been around for much longer than Danny and his irrational fears.

HGP Challenge: Hot Shaves (Check out Joe’s Barbershop in Chicago if you’re looking to have Drew’s experience)

1-Star Movie Review: The Big Shave

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Episode 18: Bang Bang

This week the guys take aim and open fire on a powerful new episode. Drew and Danny Human Guinea Pig’d machine guns and discussed their experience with #1 fan Harrison. We then reviewed an Italian action flick that’s part Mad Max and Raiders of the Lost Ark with a splash of Lethal Weapon.

HGP Challenge: machine guns at Lock and Load Miami

1-Star Movie Review: Raiders of Atlantis

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